“Those who fight might loose, those who do not fight have already lost”

Bertolt Brecht (German playwrighter and theater critic)

…to own the good rights – Lawyer Sinan Akay Sinan_Akay_Rechtsanwalt I greet you from the website of my law office. As a lawyer located in Breisgau / Freiburg, I offer consultancy and attorney services for people and firms within the country and abroad. I am also your consultant for your international legal inquiries. I am pleased to be a mediator for the resolution of your problems. Every legal situation is a personal issue. Approaching a legal situation starts with a judicial consultancy service, which we formulate together with you. A consultancy that is solid, qualified, and appropriate for your requirements, to get the rights you own… We can proceed in the right path together and reach the target. Giving an effective consultancy service to my clients is in the first place for me. Judicial situations are sensitive situations and apart from professional qualification, they also include putting yourself in the place of others, being a support for others and other personal factors. Confidence and security makes oneself feel good in difficult times. My law office is in Breisgau / Freiburg. You can reach my office at Am Predigertor. 1 very easily and quickly from any point in and around Freiburg. In this page, you can find more information about my areas of specialization in which I can give you consultancy service and act as your surrogate to defend you in front of the judiciary upon your request. To get more information or arrange an appointment, you can contact me by phone, e-mail or the contact form. Sinan Akay