Goethe himself phrased it perfectly when he said, “For what one has in black and white, one can carry home in comfort.” In the world of contract law, all conditions and mutual rights and obligations are stipulated in writing. To this end contracts provide a certain level of legal security generally lacking in verbal agreements. Contract law is regulated in the civil code and includes a complex variety of articles. As there is no specific section devoted to contract law in the civil code that solely deals with the configuration of contracts, extensive knowledge of legal texts is required in order to determine the legal validity of contracts, and to detect and amend any errors therein.

As a contract law attorney I can help you evaluate contracts and general terms and conditions (GTCs), and inform you of your resulting rights. In the event of legal disputes with your contract partner, I will help you assert your rights as much as possible. Internet commerce and all contracts settled online are becoming ever more significant.
What rights do you have as a consumer?
As an internet business, how do your GTCs have to be formulated so that you are on the right side of the law and do not run the risk of legal threats from the other party?

I am happy to answer these and other questions in a personal consultation with you, and am prepared to assist you with my experience and knowledge.

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