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Sinan Akay

Sinan Akay

Attorney in specialisation criminal law

 Languages: German, English, French

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My Philosophy

As an attorney I am committed to all of your legal matters that demand competent consultation and representation. But my legal prowess alone is not the only thing you can count on. I also bring a high degree of social competence and empathy to the table for every case so that you feel truly and comprehensively understood and are in good hands.
My motivation stems from the Japanese kaizen principle of constant improvement. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach hit the nail on the head when she penned,
“He who stops striving to be better stops being good.”
For you, this means that I am always learning, keeping myself up to date on the latest legislation, and work through all aspects of every case that comes before me.
Furthermore, I am driven by the thought of fighting for you and your rights, and not giving in to the slightest resistance. Bertolt Brecht framed it brilliantly when he said,
“Those who fight can lose. Those who do not fight have already lost.”
I am here for you as your attorney. You can rest assured that I will stand behind you one hundred per cent throughout your case, and that I will fight for your cause.
My legal specialty is criminal justice. However, I am also able to confidently take on cases in the following areas:

  • Labour law

  • Traffic law

  • Contract law

  • Family law

You can always refer to me with any legal questions. Your attorney, Sinan Akay

My competencies

Reliability throughout your case!
Faithful cooperation!
Commitment to your cause!
Technical and social competence!
Result-oriented to achieve your objective!

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