Anyone who intends to perform work for remuneration is obligated to render certain services for their employer within a regulated period of time. In return, the employer is obligated to regularly pay their employee a certain wage which is contractually regulated just like the type and extent of service(s) rendered.

The basic principle is: work for money. Unfortunately this is not always as easy in practice as the theory would lead one to believe. There are employers who withhold the partial or entire agreed wages, or who order their employees to perform infeasible tasks, treat them inhumanely, and financially exploit them – and in these instances the employee is always dependent, and runs the risk of being fired. On the other hand are employees who very insufficiently carry out their work, if at all, potentially harming the company’s reputation or causing other material damages. Labour law regulates all rights and obligations of both contract parties, employee and employer. Should one of the parties violate these rights or obligations, I am available as a labour law attorney and will help you assert your rights.

Legal assistance for you as an employee

There are myriad highly complex scenarios in which competent legal aid could help you. The most common are wrongful warnings or termination. I will represent you in these matters and will try to find the best possible solution for your case, both out of court and in front of the labour court. As an employee you not only have your own obligations, but also many rights, including the right to regulated breaks and personal leave. The right to reasonable wages that correspond to the legal standards. The right to mental and physical health during work hours. You do not have to put up with a lack of workplace protection or other physical hazards. This also applies in the event that you are the victim of scheming and harassment, including sexual harassment, within the company.

Legal assistance for you as an employer

Despite repeated verbal warnings your employee still always shows up late to work or refuses to perform certain tasks. In the worst-case scenario, the employee is helping themselves to company funds or is misappropriating goods and products. You would like to terminate this employee, but want to be on the right side of the law in order not to lose in front of the labour court during a potential trial. This is where I can help you as a labour law attorney. I will help you adhere to the formal steps of the process and cover you against any claims.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you can discuss your case with me and I will fight for your rights.

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