As a sub-field of civil law, family law regulates all matters concerning legal relationships formed by marriage and civil partnerships, as well as relationships within the family and kinship. Almost no legal areas are as emotionally charged as this one. It is beneficial to consult an attorney for disputes in this area. For divorce proceedings you need a family law attorney who will help you assert your rights and provide support during these often highly emotional disputes.

Marriage and family, civil partnerships, and non-marriage unions all entail financial claims, custody battles for children, and the material regulation of the division of property in the event of separation. I will represent you in any family law matters so that you are not left with nothing.

I help you with the configuration of separation support, post-marital support, and child support and will fight alongside you when it comes to such matters as custody. The equalisation of accrued gains must also be examined, as well as the corresponding division of property and real estate. You need not worry about the necessary objectivity and rational distance that this all demands, because I am here for you.

One special skill I possess is my intimate knowledge of Turkish family law. Which law takes effect in the event of international divorce proceedings? If both spouses are Turkish citizens, the divorce proceedings are always regulated in accordance with the Turkish civil code, regardless of how long each spouse has been residing in the Federal Republic of Germany. Binational marriages always require individual assessment. You can simply rely on me for these matters, as I am versed in both legal systems.

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