German criminal law regulates all actions deviating from behavioural norms and the associated sentence. Should you deliberately or unintentionally break the law and become the defendant in a criminal case, you need competent legal support.

Legal assistance when you are accused of a crime

If you have been accused of involvement in a crime, you should absolutely acquire legal representation. As an attorney specialising in criminal law, I am able to help. Perhaps charges are being filed against you by the public prosecutor’s office. The police can just as easily summon you for interrogation because you are a defendant. This is where a criminal attorney is beneficial because they will advise you on how to behave so that you do not face any legal disadvantages.
How should you respond when you receive the indictment from the public prosecutor’s office? I help you appeal penalty orders, am at your side during the main trial, and advise you as to which legal remedies are available to you in the given circumstances.

I will work with you if you find yourself in investigative custody. You may be party to a traffic offence and you are facing confiscation of your driving licence. In these circumstances it is good to have a specialist at your side.

Legal assistance when you are the aggrieved party in a criminal case

I am also your reliable contact if you are the victim in a criminal case. I will accompany you to witness testimonies and fight for your rights as a joint plaintiff. Victims of a crime are often under great emotional stress. They are thus preoccupied coping with the trauma of what has happened to them.
It is thus my job to completely represent you and your best interests so that you do not have to deal with the rational and formal aspects of criminal proceedings. If you would first like to file charges, you are on the safe (legal) side with counsel.

Criminal law proceedings are myriad, highly complex, and demand a lot of experience and technical competence. You can rely on me regardless of which side you are on. I am here for you.

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