When it comes to traffic law I am not only your contact for all matters concerning road traffic, but there may also be situations concerning air, rail, and maritime traffic that require legal assistance. If you are party to a traffic accident, the question of rights is often uncertain. Here it is helpful to have me by your side for legal counsel.

It is easy to get into an accident or unforeseen dispute on the road, or to violate traffic ordinances. Generally indispensable in the professional world, a driving licence is a great material good the loss of which can have drastic consequences.
I help you retrieve your confiscated driving licence as quickly as possible and advise you on how to be on your best behaviour for any upcoming medical and psychological assessment (MPA). Penalty notices and administrative offences are simpler cases that are easy to get rid of with legal consultation.
What happens in the event of accidents with significant material damages or even personal harm?
How do you, as a victim, assert damage claims and compensation for pain and suffering?
Even if you are the defendant, experienced legal counsel is beneficial during a normal claims settlement.

When it comes to complex traffic-related matters, rely on the competence of an experienced traffic law attorney.

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